Construction, Development, and Maintenance of Child Day Care Centers in the Philippines

Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines joint ventures with CJF Canada, to work with depressed communities for the construction, development and maintenance of Day Care Centers. Day Care Center is covered under Philippine Republic Act (RA) No. 6972 known as Barangay Level Total Development and Protection of Children Act which basically recognizes the right of a child for education.

A day care center is a community­based facility for young children who are 2­4 years old. The children are given supervised mental and physical games and exercises done by a trained day care worker to enhance their capacities and potentials
preparing them for formal school.

CJF Canada joint ventures with CJFI in the Philippines in the construction of three day care center facilities located in Indigenous People (IP) communities in Mindanao Region and Typhoon Haiyan­ affected area in Leyte Province where Tacloban City is located. The centers have impacted the lives of more than 300 young children in these communities.