A new day care center was constructed at Sitio Contract, Brgy. Salumay, Marilog District, Davao City last March 14, 2014, Friday.
It was established for free for the indigenous children of the said area and for them to gain more knowledge in learning despite of the financial problems they are currently facing.
“My eyes got teary when I saw people were constructing that school and realizing that it will be used by our children for free,” a mother, Joy Martorillas said.
The parents felt really happy and thankful for the construction of this day care center in their small village for the benefit of their children.
“They don’t need to wake up early anymore and walk for a few kilometers to reach their school. I’m very thankful to CJF for this.” she added.
As an added present, CJF gave more joy to the people around Brgy. Salumay when the foundation gave new slippers, toys, and school supplies to the children for the coming school year. CJF even prepared a small feast that everyone present enjoyed.