Hot Breakfast & Lunch Program

The Surrey Schools District’s primary mandate is to prepare our students for successful futures by ensuring they meet current learning standards of the BC Ministry of Education. However, we believe our responsibilities extend beyond the 9-3 classroom and are committed to working with community partners, businesses and individuals to give our students every opportunity possible for success. This includes providing breakfast and lunch for those who come to our schools hungry each day.


Staff at Betty Huff and LA Matheson have noticed a significant improvement in attendance thanks to a promise of a complete, nutritious meal each morning for our most vulnerable students. This invaluable program guarantees that students in grades K-12 receive a healthy breakfast while also providing the opportunity for them to connect with their peers across multiple grade levels in a family like setting. Additionally, the breakfast program also helps students to decompress from often complex and challenging home environments and ensure students are ready, able and motivated to learn when they arrive in class each morning. 75 students are enrolled in the breakfast program across both sites and each breakfast costs $0.90 per day.

Breakfast always includes cereal, 2% milk, toast and jam, cheese, yogurt, eggs, fruit and vegetables. This menu paired with a warm welcome each morning from either a Child and Youth Care Worker or Community Schools Outreach Worker, give students the incentive to get to school and be on time.


Your donation ensures our most at risk youth receive a nourishing lunch each school day. Lunch is made off site everyday and consists of a cold entrée (sandwiches, pizza, and chicken nuggets) along with fruit or a dessert and milk or juice to drink. Once prepared, it is delivered to each school where a student from each division brings it to their respective classroom. 50 students are enrolled in the lunch program at Betty Huff and each lunch costs $2.25 per day.

25 students are currently enrolled in the lunch program at LA Matheson. These lunches are provided by way of providing a coupon that students can turn in at the school cafeteria for designated entrees, fruit and drinks.

Stories and comments from students who receive breakfast and lunch

Thanks to your generous donation, students in Surrey are healthier, happier and best prepared to break the poverty cycle because they are receiving nutritious food each day. Your kindness is very directly changing the course of our most vulnerable students’ lives and also allowing them to feel protected and cared for. Some stories and comments from these students and their families are included here: At Betty Huff, Nathan is a thin boy in the 4th grade and a newcomer to the breakfast and lunch program this school year. He lives with his mom and stepfather in a blended family of 6 children in North Surrey. His mom has had many financial struggles as her minimum wage job does not provide enough to make ends meet and consequently, the family’s access to food has been inconsistent. Nathan heavily relies on our breakfast and lunch program to ensure he is getting proper nutrition throughout the school day. The difference in when he has been fed versus when he has not eaten is dramatic. When he first arrived at our school, he would have frequent conflicts with his peers, was unable to concentrate in class, and refused to complete any assignments. Now that he is receiving proper, nutritious meals each day, he successfully completes his assignments and is ready and willing to learn. He is a fan of the hard-boiled eggs and yogurt and is becoming more adventurous in trying fruit that is less familiar to him like pears. Thanks to your support, Nathan is living a much healthier lifestyle that keeps him engaged in school and helps him build positive relationships with his peers.

At LA Matheson, Julie is in Grade 11 and brand new to the school. The breakfast program has been a welcoming and safe place for her to meet new people and integrate into her new surroundings. She is an extremely driven young woman and is often very stressed about school as she is always striving to succeed. She has expressed she rarely receives a healthy meal at home which adds to her anxiety and stress. The breakfast program has become her sanctuary where she can relax and decompress before the school day ahead.

“The Breakfast program is important to me because I don’t get breakfast at home. Coming to school to eat breakfast gives me energy and I’m not hungry in class. Thank you!” – Grade 3 student at Betty Huff

“I am thankful for the lunch program because there isn’t much food at home. I get to have a good meal, hang out with my friends and help out.” – Grade 7 student at Betty Huff

“Life is pretty crazy at home so I come to the breakfast program to settle down before class.” – Grade 10 student at LA Matheson

“The breakfast and lunch program are great because I have a lot of friends who have minimal food at home. This is a safe place for them to come and hang out with their friends while enjoying a healthy meal.” – Grade 12 student at LA Matheson

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