Charity Projects and Initiatives Supported

As a charity organization based on faith, CJF Canada has existing partnership with Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines to pursue its advocacy for child protection, welfare, and development. It is also currently building partnerships with child caring organizations in other countries in order to reach out to a greater number of poor children in third world countries particularly in Asia.

Construction, Development, and Maintenance of Child Day Care Centers in the Philippines

Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc. in the Philippines joint ventures with CJF Canada, to work with depressed communities for the construction, development and maintenance of Day Care Centers. Day Care Center is covered under Philippine Republic Act (RA) No. 6972 known as Barangay Level Total Development and Protection of Children Act which basically recognizes the right of a child for education.

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Response to Disasters and Emergencies

CJF Canada. joint venture with Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc, providing relief goods to families especially children affected by catastrophes like typhoons and floods.

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Health and Nutrition

CJF Canada joint venture with CJFI Philippines’ in providing supplemental feeding programs for malnourished children in depressed communities in the Philippines where malnutrition among children is very prevalent.

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Assistance for Child Care Residential Facility Improvement

CJF Canada joint venture with CJFI Philippines in its endeavor to improve Child Care Residential facilities in the Philippines. CJFI Philippines, a child­caring social welfare agency regulated by the Department of Social Welfare and Development complies with all the standard requirements set by the department in order to extend better and effective services to the clients who are accommodated in the Child Care Residential Centers of CJFI.

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Assistance for Education and Scholarship Grants

A study made by the Philippines Institute of Development Studies on the Profile of School Drop­outs revealed that 28% of school drop­outs of Filipino children were primarily caused by the high cost of education in the Philippines.

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