About Us

CJF Canada is duly registered and recognized as a charity organization existing and governed under the laws of the Federal Government of Canada.

The charity was founded on January 21, 2013, by Filipino Canadians who were moved with compassion for the millions of children in Canada and in developing countries, particularly in the Philippines. Who suffer pitiful predicaments, they established such organization that will raise funds for feasible projects that will benefit these children believed to be the future of our nation but are given less in life; suffering from extreme poverty, neglect, and abuse.

We establish partnerships with child caring Institutions, not only in within Canada but also in the developing countries such as the Philippines. We have partnered to the Children’s Joy Foundation, Inc., whose primary concern is to alleviate the flight of poor, abandoned destitute children in the country.

Mission Statement

Children’s Joy Foundation has the mandate to reach out greater masses of disadvantaged children in Canada and the developing countries, in partnership with child caring institutions through provision of charitable support programs, projects, and services for child protection, welfare and development.

  • To establish partnerships with child caring institutions in Canada and developing countries delivering services to disadvantaged children promoting child protection, welfare, and rights.
  • To provide programs and services for disadvantaged children in Canada and developing countries that is essential for child protection, welfare, and development by engaging with child caring institutions or organizations.
  • To help reduce the malnutrition problems for young children in Canada and developing countries through supplemental feeding program and other charitable support services that will lead to child total physical and mental development.
    To support the education and mental development of disadvantaged children in Canada and developing countries through various interventions essential for learning growth, mental and intellectual development of the child such as construction of Day Care Centers, scholarship grant, assistance for reference materials and books.
  • To support any form of interventions of child caring organizations in Canada and developing countries that promote child protection, welfare, rights, development, education that will lead them to become strong pillars in nation building.

Vision Statement

The Vision of C.J.F. Canada is to empower poor children starting from Canada to the developing countries of the world; by providing children healthy foods, adequate clothing, habitable shelter and excellent education. C.J.F. will build, Day Care Centers, Residential and Child Care facilities, provide medical and health services, and provide spiritual value formation.